Iman Soeteman  (1935-2016)

1985 -- conductor of AmSO 

Iman Soeteman was born in 1935 in Amsterdam, and his first music teacher was his father.  At the Amsterdam Music Conservatory he studied horn under Jan Bos and music theory under Willem Hijstek, completing his studies in 1956.


From 1969 until 1996 Soeteman played horn in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NBE.)  He taught horn at the Utrecht Conservatory and directed various ensembles including the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, the Heemstede Chamber Orchestra (HKO), Con Brio, and in 1985 AmSO.   He served as artistic advisor for televised concerts and operas both in the Netherlands and abroad, working for the NOS, VARA, VPRO, BBC, ZDF and many others.

Soeteman was a self-taught composer who wrote many pieces for wind instruments.  His Symphony in C was his first work for symphony orchestra.  The City of Amsterdam commissioned him to write an overture, Sho Jo Ji, which was popular in Japan, and recorded there by CBS/Denon during a tour of the NBE.

In 1996 he was the recipient of the Minerva Cultural Prize of the Heemstede Artistical Society to honour his 30 years as conductor of the HKO.  

Iman Soeteman
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