Yvonne de Winter

conductor since 2020


Yvonne studied the oboe under Jan Spronk and Pauline Oostenrijk at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and graduated in 1999, earning a diploma in solo oboe performance.  She also had conducting lessons from Jan Stulen.


While she was a student and continuing after graduation she played oboe in various professional orchestras.  She is the business manager and plays the oboe for Philharmonia Amsterdam.  She also plays in Cinco Ventos, a professional woodwind quintet.

Yvonne has oboe students at Muziekplein in Ede.

In addition to AmSO, Yvonne is the conductor of Muziekkring chamber orchestra in Laren, the Amstelveen Chamber Orchestra, Opus-55 chamber orchestra in Ede, B-mol wind ensemble in 's Graveland, the Wijdemeren wind ensemble and Symphonic Seniors in The Hague.

Yvonne de Winter
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