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Are you an experienced amateur musician, and would you like to play with AmSO?  New members are welcome.  There is a provisional period of one month for all new members.  Solo wind positions will be decided as a result of auditions.    


​We are looking for advanced amateur musicians who have orchestral experience.  Current vacancies include:

  • section strings - esp. 1st violin, viola and contrabass

  • trumpet, trombone, horn

  • timpani and percussion

If you are interested in playing with us, please get in touch via the CONTACT button in the header at the top of this screen.

Concertmaster vacancy

We have a vacancy for Concertmaster after the next concert, 13-14 October.  We are looking for an enthusiastic, skilled violinist with good leadership skills and orchestral experience.  Despite that we are not in a position to offer payment, it would be a great experience to lead our well respected orchestra.  We can however offer compensation to cover expenses.  

Interested?  Please contact us via:  




The Amstelveen Symphony Orchestra rehearsals are every Tuesday evening from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the Luwte, an assisted-living centre in Amstelveen:  

 De Luwte, Wimbledonpark 361, 1185 XJ Amstelveen.

You are welcome to visit a rehearsal to play with us, or just to observe.  For more information you can contact our Board Secretary.  


Membership dues are €25,00 per month.  The first month is free for prospective members.  

Bank account:  NL94 INGB 00036 326 27

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