Amstelveen Symphony Orchestra (AmSO)

The Amstelveen Symphony Orchestra is an amateur orchestra consisting of around 50 accomplished musicians and advanced amateurs supported by professional musicians.  The annual orchestra season includes at least two programmes performed at various venues in and near Amstelveen.  AmSO also plays concerts in nursing homes in Amstelveen. 


AmSO perform a variety of orchestral music from the standard symphonic repertoire, including the classical and romantic to impressionist periods -- for example, works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvořák, Debussy and Ravel have featured recently.  Each programme features performances by esteemed soloists as well.


The AmSO was established on 28 January 1976 by an enthusiastic group of musicians who had played previously with the Schubert Orchestra.  Conductor history:  Kees van Hage was the first conductor (1976-1978) followed by Grzegorz Stasko (until 1990) then Saskia Boon led the orchestra until April 2013.   Hans Scheepers took the baton until November 2014, followed by Rutger van Leyden (2014-2020).   

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